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Saberhagen, Fred - Empire of the East (Terug)
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Auteur Saberhagen, Fred
Titel Empire of the East
Uitgever Ace
Genre SF / Fantasy
Reeksnummer 1+2+3
Bijzonderheden 1979 - first Ace printing - paperback - illustrated - 558 p.
ISBN nummer 0441205623
Taal us
Staat staatstaatstaatstaatstaatstaat
Beschrijving staat (G, some edge wear, name on first page)
Gewicht 775 gram
Past door brievenbus (Ja/Nee) Nee
Prijs € 5,50

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€ 4,40

Omschrijving Essef - Omnibus which contains: 'The Broken Lands', 'The Black Mountains' and 'Changeling Earth'. In the distant future, society has crumbled. Dark forces now rule the land, keeping all humans under their oppressive thumbs. In the darkness of the shadows and whispered on the winds, there is talk of a rebellion. In the swamps, a small band has formed. Determined to regain their freedom, the rebellion, heavily outnumbered, plans to overthrow an army of thousands... with the help of one incredible weapon. It is only a legend, a story left over from the Old World before magic and the wizards came to the land. A weapon of technology. It is the mystical Elephant, and whoever masters it holds the key to freedom, or defeat. One young man, determined to avenge the death of his family, sets out to join the rebellion and find Elephant. What he discovers will change everything.
Saberhagen, Fred - Empire of the East